Youth Ministry The Best Part Of Your Week!

Hey Everybody, I’m kicking off this first blog post with the most “LIT” information you could ever imagine! If you’re involved in youth ministry, in middle school, high school, or have kids in those grades you’re going to want to read more.

I’m talking about Youth Group, and I’m here to say it can be the best part of your week! Here’s a detailed look of Lakeside Youth and what we’re about.


Step#1 Where do we meet?

We meet every Wednesday, come rain or shine, from 6pm to 8pm, at 701 1st St. Kirkland WA. We kick things off on the top floor of our church. We’ve set up a fun and inviting area for teens and Youth Leaders alike to hangout and catch up on each others week. We always have healthy food options available for the kids, for example Pizza and soda, actually that’s the only food option. . .


Step #2 When the fun begins

Around 6:20pm we start a Game/Activity, these games are designed to literally blow minds with there epic ability to cure kids from boredom. Some of the games vary depending on the weather, but can include things like dodgeball, volleyball, kickball, Jeopardy, charades  and a bunch of completely made up games as well.


Step#3 The message

From 7pm to 7:15pm we do worship, which means we sing songs to God and about God, and that leads into the message we give from the Bible. We like to go through series that usually last around 1-3 months. Each series is designed by the Leaders Team and they cover a specific topics like relationships, Religions, Christianity 101, or specific passages in the Bible.

Step#4 Bringing things to a close

Finally we like to bring a close to the night around 7:45pm where we all move into our small groups. Small groups are intended to create an atmosphere where we can really open up about the topics we are going through in our series and also the deeper things that are going on in our lives. This lasts till 8pm, and is what we try to finish with every night!

So this is Lakeside Youth Group in a nutshell!

I intend to make blogs updating on what each Wednesday looked like, from the highlights in the activities, to the insights as a leader, and the spiritual rewards as a Christian. I hope you enjoy your time here on this adventure with me!


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