Five Reasons To Be A Part Of Youth Group


Youth Group for some of the readers, may have a bad wrap, or a certain stigma behind it. Sadly enough not everyone has had a great experience being a part of one. But that doesn’t mean no one should ever even think about trying one out! I’m convinced that once you read this awesome blog you’ll in fact, be convinced to give Youth Group a shot!

Reason #1: A Place To Make Friends

A lot of times people new to an area are always looking for a way to connect to their community, to make friends, and to feel welcomed. Youth Group is an awesome place because it brings kids from all over, together. Not only that, but Lakeside Youth specifically encourages kids to be engaging and participating with each other and the activities. This promotes more interaction with one another and fosters healthy conversations, that can blossom into great friendships.

Reason #2: A Place To Have Fun

I cant speak for every Christian Youth Group in the world, but here at Lakeside Youth, we want every Wednesday night to be the best night of a teens week. For this reason we put a lot of time into creating awesome group games. One of Lakesides most famous Youth events is our nerf wars. We host an all night-er at our church and turn the place a warzone. We have about ten 5 gallon buckets filled with nerf darts, as well as six tables filled with nerf guns. We designate teams and scatter throughout the building, the goal is to be the last team standing. As the night goes on we introduce new games such as “zombies” and “the cure.” These events can get pretty wild but are part of what makes Lakeside such a fun place to be!

Reason #3: A Positive and Encouraging Environment

Youth Group can be such a great place become a part of because of the environment. Truth be told you can always find other places to connect with people and spend your time. But one thing that sets a Youth Group apart from other places is the environment. At Lakeside our leaders are always setting an example to the teens by respecting and valuing each individual for who they are. We want Youth Group to be a place where people feel welcomed and loved.

Reason #4: Be Challenged To Grow

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a person is complacency. The idea that says, “I’ve done enough.” or “I don’t care to change.” Lakeside Youth is always a place where yes you’ll be welcomed and loved, but you’ll be encouraged to keep on refining and strengthening yourself! This idea of growth can reveal itself in a number of ways, whether it be and attitude problem someone has, or something like after school tutoring!

Reason #5: Learn About Jesus

Save the best for last that’s my motto, and I’m so excited to tell you that the best reason to get involved in a Christian Youth Group, is to hear about Jesus! At the center of Christianity is a man named Jesus. His message was made know by sacrificing Himself for the sake of others. Jesus Christ who is God showed His love for the world, including you reading this, that before you knew anything about Him, He died, so that you might live.

So what do you think will you give Youth Group a try? Leave a comment on your thoughts on Youth Group and I’ll respond!


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