Best Youth Group Idea Ever!

When leading a Youth Group, you want to be constantly thinking about the atmosphere you’re creating for the teens. I’ve personally, found that teens tend to be more engaged, pro-active and outgoing in a fun environment. So as a leader I’m constantly thinking of ways to create that atmosphere and really push forward new, creative ideas.

One of our best and most creative ideas has been making short films with the teens! Short films are such a great idea because they impact so many pieces of your ministry. Not only do they create a fun day for the teens, but they also can be made to help promote any upcoming events, such as summer camps, beach days, nerf wars, concert nights etc.. Perhaps the biggest impact they make is the outreach.

 “by incorporating the teens to help promote the events they become as invested as you are into that event.”

What I mean, is that by incorporating the teens to help promote the events, they become as invested as you are into that event. They want to come as much as you want them to come, they want their friends to be a part of Youth Group as much as you do. I am always meeting new teens at our nerf wars because our kids have invited them to not only have an awesome night, but to see the video that their friends made and hear what all the talk has been about!

So here are 5 things you’ll need to make an awesome Short Film!

#1 An Event!

The best way to make these films is always around an upcoming event, that way you can promote it with your video.

Example: Lets say your event is summer camp and its 3 months out. Plan maybe one or two days with a handful of teens to get together and come up with an idea to help promote the event. Which leads perfectly into our next point!

#2 The Idea!

The idea for you video is the most crucial part. You want the video to most importantly be promotional of what you’re doing, but also fun enough to keep someone’s attention for 4-5 minutes depending on the length of your video. It is important to be creative, and to let the teens in on the decision-making, after all it’s for them.

An example. 

Your event is summer camp, think about all the classic things that go into summer camps. S’mores, songs, tents, games, etc. Start with S’mores, how can we show the kids that a S’more on summer camp is awesome?! I’m thinking recreate the scene; chocolate all over kids faces, (exaggerate it) marshmallows catching fire, (starting fires) teens having too much sugar (acting hyper).

#3 Picking The Actors/Actresses!

You want to pick out kids in the youth group that aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. You also want to pick the kids that are reliable, the ones you can count on to show up outside of youth group. Be careful not to pick to many or else you might find yourself struggling to include everyone throughout the session. I recommend around 4-7 teens.

#4 Making The Filming Fun

You really want you teens to own this time, to make it their own. The best way to do this is by making the night fun! Maybe grab some food before or after, really let them be creative. Make particular scenes star that center around each individual, that way they all feel included.

#5 Editing 

In order to make this type of activity possible you need to video camera of some sort, and a computer with editing software. I could go into a lot of detail in how to attain these things, but I’m not sure if its necessary. If you can’t feel it would be helpful for me to write a blog post about what types of video cameras are good for this, and affordable. As well as different editing software you can use, please leave me a comment

There you have it! An awesome activity for your Youth Group. Below are 2 videos, they are promoting a nerf war event we did a while back. The first video is the actual finished film and the second is our blooper reel!

Lakeside Youth Nerf War


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